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Based at Sydney’s Bankstown Airport, Skybot is an Australian based manufacturer of robotic drone systems. We can provide your business with the expertise, the training and the tools to maximise profits using our easily operated systems built by fully trained aviation professionals.

GIS | Survey | Agriculture | Drought and Irrigation Management | Search and rescue | Bridge and pylon inspection

Equipment and support.

Simplicity, something we always strive for, gives our systems ease of operation and above all safety. Both multirotor and fixed wing aircraft, all our systems are assembled here in Australia. Once out in the field, a small palmtop or touchscreen tablet forms an integral part of the system, acting as an easy to use interface whilst the machine is airborne.

Each aircraft is designed to carry a range of sensors including such equipment as high-resolution cameras, infrared cameras, thermal cameras, multispectral cameras and video surveillance equipment. Beyond that our robotic expertise opens up the potential for deployment of small payloads and, for multirotor in particular, more advanced interaction with the operating environment.

FW1720 | FW2227 | FW13 | MR800 | MR480

Mapping and Agricultural System

MR 800

Our favourite multirotor, this machine is the true workhorse of the photography and video industry. Able to lift Hi Res cameras and with precision GPS loiter, its on-board live video feed means you can be sure of high value footage every time.


With the testing and calibration completed, the fixed wing FW2229 is available now.  Balancing the design challenges of maximum payload, maximum range and maximum reliability this is a highly capable, reliable RPAS solution for VLOS remote sensing operations.

This machine will easily cover the maximum area possible under visual line of sight rules. This is a large, highly capable machine designed for trained professionals; it is able to capture geo-referenced data of large areas at high resolution and will deliver quality results time and time again.


Our recommended training aircraft the FW13 is also great for small deployments  and low level photography for the occasional operator. When you need a cost effective basic fixed wing the FW13is the ‘go to’ machine for most deployments. This is the machine we use for fixed wing training. It is very durable and is an excellent introduction to operating procedures and mission planing.

Training and compliance.

When required, regulatory paperwork accompanies all our systems. This enable’s certification and legal operation under Civil Aviation Regulations. Training is then given at all levels to enable you to become a licenced and safe operator. Finally we have expertise in presenting your company’s paperwork to CASA and will guide you through this process.

Operator Certification | Operators Handbook | Maintenance Manuals | Controllers Certificate | Remote Pilot Licence | Cert III in Aviation (RPAS)

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